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To be or not to be, that’s not so important.
landreaall10.jpgI sometimes forget that “Landreaall” is a fantasy story because dragon-related adventure finishes in book #3 and from book #4, the story setting is mainly laid in academy school (and it still continues in recently published book #10). I didn’t actually recall this story much as a fantasy until Pegasus appeared in book #9. If anything, “Landreaall” is more like a medieval fiction – chivalry and etiquette, knights and mercenaries, revolution and round-table, etc.

The story features a young man called DX, son of General Lookafort (now the Lord of Ecalipe). DX actually possesses the right to the throne, but his mother being ex-mercenary, he and his little sister Ion grows up with a unique and independent way of thinking. Their frank talk, carefree manner, skilled movement during the battle (mostly taught by their mother and the Ninja master who lives with them) do not give a hint that they are nobility, which often surprises people around them. But even though DX is even described as “sleep-eyed” from his friends and adults, his words often vibrates with surprising sincerity and rationality. This is probably because he does understand the complicated situation he’s in …that he has the right of succession though his father carried out a revolution in the past (but DX would rather renounce it like his father did if the situation allows).

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No loans, no debts.
taro.jpgI say “Yamada Taro Monogatari (Story of Taro Yamada)” did a fairly good job in the TV broadcasting compared to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e”, both being originally a popular manga. This story is about a high-school boy called Taro, literally, who goes to private high school for the wealthy family. Due to his handsome appearance, bright mind, all-round athletic ability, gentle & refined manner, Taro is one of the most popular boys in school. That is why no one – except for his friend Mimura – even suspects that he is in fact from an utterly poor family with many small brothers & sisters to take care of.

Taro is acted by Kazunari Ninomiya – quite unexpected for me because Ninomiya has a rather plain looking (no offence here) whereas the original Taro has quite a fancy appearance. But I think this casting succeeded because though the appearance may be different, the overall impression stayed the same –very sincere, honest and warmhearted.
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midyear gift
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“Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (To the Flowers of Youth)” now being broadcasted as a TV drama is originally a manga. The story features Mizuki who enters boy’s school to meet one pole-vaulter. But Mizuki is carrying a huge secret : that he is actually a “she” – a girl pretending as a boy. Yes, the set-up is very fanciful, but I can say if the plot wasn’t so slow-footed, this manga should have been much more popular.

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getting better?
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short trip
It was like going south to meet the typhoon and coming back north to run away from it.
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What can you see from there?
“Teccon Kincreet” DVD arrived from Amazon !! This animation film is originated from the manga written by Matsumoto Taiyo, and “Teccon Kincreet (deliberately mixed up the word “tekkin-concreet” for ferro-concrete)” is my favorite story among his books.
Due to rather odd storyline, character and illustration, population who actually buy his manga seems to be quite small compared to his name value : 2 of his mangas “Aoi Haru (Blue Spring)” and “Ping Pong” became a movie and this “Tekkon~” became an animation movie. And I’ve always thought it must be very difficult to animate the unique touch of Matsumoto’s illustration, queer phrases that his characters use, “silence” or “atmosphere” in the scenes, and most of all, profoundness of the story. I was therefore very surprised when I first heard that the movie was going to be produced by Michael Arias …obviously not even Japanese to animate the Japanese – and a very unique – manga.
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as much as
I forgot the name of the restaurant and number of the bread I ate.
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Well it's supposed to be a bamboo.
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No chance customers, please.

One of the reason I saw the movie “Maiko Haaaan!!” (scripted by Kankuro Kudo, one of the most popular scriptwriters in Japan) despite this silly title is because it features Sadao Abé … an actor whose popularity is shooting up these days, though he still stays a support in TV dramas mainly because of his much unique looks. However, he is essentially a stage actor who already has an immovable popularity in the theatrical world. Seeing quite a many of his plays, I always become amazed by how well he stands out despite his small size. (And I also like the huge "gap" between his flamboyant act on the stage and the modest and quiet reaction off the stage)
35.jpg“Maiko Haaaan!!” is a story about a man (Abé) who is an enthusiastic fan of Maikos – apprentice Geishas, and tries to get over the barrier of the cha-ya (where Geishas and Maikos entertain the customer) rule : "Ichigen-san Okotowari (Chance customers prohibited)".
I much enjoyed the funny reactions
of Abé, the jaunty conversations and the lively story ...often leading to many laughs from the audience. And I was surprised by how beautiful Maikos were …actually I believed one of them (the Maiko who Abé falls in love with) was a real Maiko until I looked up in the internet and found out that she was Saori Koide, who gave me rather modest impression from the TV drama “Jiko-Keisatsu (Acquisitive Prescription Police)”. It seems that girl with round face, not so big eyes, not so big mouth, not so tall nose ...is most suitable for Maiko make-ups. A gay look seems to be somewhat an obstacle for elegance of Maiko. Novel "Memoirs of Geisha" became a  movie "Sayuri", but I must say Geishas in that movie are very much different from those in "Maiko Haaaan!!" - and it is very clear which Geishas Japanese prefer.

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Here comes the turn-on.
“Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)” was animated after the hit of the original novel, one of the so-called “light novels” in Japan because of its “lightness” of the story. Frankly speaking, it is a type of animation that I would probably not see if I hadn’t had a chance to watch it on the internet. It seemed such a “mo-é” story to me (Haruhi calls it “turn-on” in English subtitle), I was kind of reluctant to watch. But once I saw it, it was quite easy to understand why this story became so popular.

The animation is narrated by a high school boy called Kyon who somehow happens to be dragged around by Haruhi – a top-class cute & smart girl but much too eccentric and self-centered for Kyon’s taste. Being bored to the bone of her ordinary life, Haruhi establishes a “S.O.S. Brigade” (if you want to know what S.O.S. stands for, watch the animation) to meet aliens, time travelers, ESPs, and “unordinary” phenomena. If the story ends here, Haruhi is just an ordinary (?) eccentric girl, but what makes this story peculiar is (spoiler in white font) that she actually finds them all (!) without knowing it and brings them into the Brigade. Kyon, who desires most usual, normal, ordinary life is confessed from the Brigade comrades – who unmask themselves as alien, time traveler & ESP – that Haruhi is the center of their concern and interest because she has the power to change the entire universe. But they also warn Kyon to keep that fact as a secret to Haruhi who frantically desires “unordinary” phenomena and therefore risks the current world state if she knows she actually has a power to change it completely. Consequently, it is Kyon and not Haruhi who actually sees / runs into all kinds of wonders (or troubles in Kyon’s point of view) that he would gladly pass it on to Haruhi. I think Kyon’s narration is the key to this story, his unperturbed and sarcastic comments making the unusual situation even funnier, while most of the time his face doesn’t reveal his feelings except for the tone of this voice (in narration).
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